Fried Chicken – ALWAYS in Style

Fried Chicken – ALWAYS in Style

Everyone’s Favorite Food – Fried Chicken

You know what EVERYBODY (well, I suspect ALMOST everybody) in the US has eaten at some point? Fried chicken. Like the ongoing arguments about barbecue and what is the best kind, best sauce, best everything, every fried chicken has its own set of supporters.  Some people like some of the big fried chicken chains. Some people swear by grandma’s secret recipe. Some folks like some good old Shake ‘n Bake.  I’ve cooked fried chicken in cast iron skillets – and love it. Also grew up with some “oven-fried” chicken and I have to admit, I loved that too. Something about wrapping chicken in some breading and frying it up slow and getting a crunch going on it.  Just writing this is making me wish I was having some fried chicken for dinner. But I digress…

The Colonel – KFC

I have to admit a serious fondness for “The Colonel” – Kentucky Fried Chicken®  I have to admit that fried chicken was just not such a big thing when I was growing up until KFC opened up in my hometown in the mid-70s.  There was no “extra crispy” in those days – just the good old-fashioned Original Recipe version.  And it was good. 50 years later – it’s STILL good. D*MNED good. Sadly my local KFC location – well, I BET it would be a GREAT place to actually open up a a fried chicken restaurant.  These people seem to always be completely caught off-guard when the dinner crowd descends on them around 5-5:30. I’ve given up going there.

BoJ’s – Make MY chicken spicy!

Next chain – Bojangles®. I love the spicy taste of some good Bojangles friend chicken. ALL of their chicken is “extra crispy”. I’m currently on a diet and that is one of the foods that I really miss eating on a regular basis. Before this diet, I have to admit a weekly visit (at least) to grab a 2 piece white meal with fries and a biscuit.  Yeah, a whole lot of oil in that food, but THAT is good old-fashioned COMFORT food.  Peeling off that crunchy skin bite by bite – a little salt on it – savoring each and every bite. Gnosh down in to that delicious fried chicken – still juicy.  There is little that can compare to good fried chicken.

How about Popeyes Fried Chicken?

I got sucked into the whole hysteria around Popeyes chicken sandwich vs Chick-Fil-A a while back. I had always wanted to see how it was. Sadly, there was no Popeyes particularly near me until about a year and a half ago. I vowed to go. While my wife loves Chick-Fil-A and forces us there with some frequency – have to admit that I don’t really mind too much  – she had no desire to go to Popeyes. She had heard that their chicken was spicy. I went there then one day on my own to find out what the hullaballoo was all about with that chicken sandwich. Pfffft. Same chicken as they normally serve.  I admittedly do like their fried chicken – it is, after all, fried chicken. I don’t really believe that i have EVER met a fried chicken that I don’t like. When it comes to there being anything special about their fried chicken sandwich? Not so much. Pretty disappointed honestly.

Chick-Fil-A – Sandwich for you and me

I don’t think that there is any chain chicken sandwich that can possibly beat Chick-Fil-A honestly. They are consistent. They are FAST. The food always tastes good. The staff is unbelievably friendly, competent and just on top of it. I have never had a “yeah, it must have been an off-day” sandwich from these folks. Always good. Always hot. ‘Nuf said.

The Golden Skillet – Best Fried Chicken in Henderson NC

Found a little place in Henderson North Carolina though that ALSO puts the whammy on some chicken – The Golden Skillet of Henderson NC. They do a lot of other foods too – seafood and I believe even some barbecue – but trust me on this one – these people KNOW some chicken.  We had it at a family outing the other week and it was a bite of heaven.  I’ve become quite an aficionado of fried chicken over the years – it helps that I MANAGED a couple chicken and barbecue restaurants for about 5 years in my past. It comes down to the taste of the breading, the amount of breading, can you get the breading to STICK properly, is the chicken kept at a good temperature, is it old, was the oil they cooked it in old?  So many factors go in to getting a good mouthful of fried yardbird.  Let me tell you – if you want some good fried chicken in Henderson NC – go to the Golden Skillet.

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