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The Windmillrestaurantsusa.com site serves as a genuine, legit and proficient source on eating, travel, sports, health, and way of life for a worldwide readership looking for the best.

Windmillrestaurantsusa.com propelled in 2000 with well evaluated reviews and the expansion of Rachel Ross, Chandler’s girl, to the management. Rachel is responsible for the advertising and marketing parts of the site and is continually traveling between Italy and New York. She has been highlighted on numerous amusement telecasts, including CBS’ The Insider and also Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, where she served as visitor judge on the September 28, 2003, June 1, 2006 and October 23, 2009 scenes.

Today, Windmill Restaurants USA extension has extended to incorporate lodgings, wine, spas, films, autos, cookbooks, design, flying and contemporary society. From far-flung extravagant resorts to sleek sports cars, windmillrestaurantsusa.com gives timeless coverage while keeping pace with the most recent news coverage. Composed by a group of sagacious restaurant critics, travel and way of lifestyle experts, Windmill Restaurants USA surveys are enlightening, legitimate and witty. Most importantly, they come out with the simple and straight forward!
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We are more than JUST a restaurant, through our work in the food industry we’ve made a lot of connections and friends, friends that we can tell you all about and hook you up with. Food is something that truly brings people together, not much else can compare to it in that way. So we’re here as your friend and source of good general information, we have a ton to share so come back and stay tuned!